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Order Delivery

Delivery of orders are subjected to:

Your address falling in the defined delivery area of LaTaste restaurant. In case the delivery locality is not listed in the restaurant locator, delivery orders cannot be placed.


The menu is displayed as per the availability of the menu items in the mapped restaurant In case certain menu items are not listed in the menu page, the particular restaurant does not carry those items in the menu. In case of non-availability of ordered product at the mapped restaurant, the order would not be executed. Same would be informed by the restaurant near you.

Modify / Cancel the Online Order

The online order once placed cannot be modified or cancelled either through the website or offline by calling the restaurant. However you can get updated on the status of the order by calling the restaurant directly. In case the order which is paid through credit card is cancelled due to non-availability of the ordered product at the restaurant, the amount will be returned by reversing the transaction by LaTaste restaurant.

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